So God Made a Dog

“And on the 9th-day, God looked down on his wide-eyed children and said, ‘They need a companion.’

So, God made a dog.

God said, ‘I need somebody willing to wake up give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again, give more kisses, then stay up until midnight, basking in the glare of a tevelsion set.’

So, God made a dog

God said, ‘I need somebody willing to sit, then stay, then roll over. Then with no ego or complaint dress in hats they don’t need and costumes they dont understand.

I need someonboy who can break wind without a first care, without a second thought, who can chase tails, sniff crotches, fetch sticks, and lift spirits with a lick.

Somebody who no matter what you didn’t do, or couldn’t take, or didn’t win, or couldn’t make, will love you without judgment just the same.’

So, God made a dog.

God said, ‘I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blind. Somebody who will spend a day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirts of a broken heart.’

So, God mad a dog. 

It had to be somebody who remained patient and loyal, even through loneliness. Somebody to care, cuddle, snuggle, and nuzzle, and cheer, and charm, and snore and slobber, and eat the trash and chase the squirrles.

Somebody who would bring a family together with the selflessness of an open heart. Somebody who would bark, and then pant, and they reply with the rapid wag of a tail when their best friend says, ‘Let’s go for a ride in the car.’

So, God made a dog.”

Touching Portraits Of Senior Dogs Tell Fascinating Stories Every Dog Lover Can Appreciate

Photographer Pete Thorne placed an ad asking to photograph “really, really old dogs”. He wanted subjects for his “Old Faithful” photo project, a project to create simple, intimate portraits of dogs in their golden years.
I think it’s the perfect approach because the portraits let the dogs’ faces tell their life story of their life! And the captions from the pet parents describe just how much these dogs are loved!
Note: Please allow a few seconds for the Instagram photos to load.
“Hey folks meet Elmo, a 14yr old Pit Bull and the first old doggie I shot for the Old Faithful photo project. He’s straight up grinning for his portrait.”

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Ragged Dog Insists On Going Back To An Empty House Where His Family Left Him Alone | Kritter Klub

*Please don't forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles* Not a mop, but a ragged dog has been wandering around the village for 3 years, sustaining his life by getting food from the kind nice. At the end of the day, the dog awlays goes back to a spooky, deserted house where no one lives.. Is he waiting for someone?

Kritter Klub

Dog fails service animal test Rob Beschizza Feb 26, 2020

Meet Ryker, Happy Mutants. Ryker, a Belgian Malinois, studied at the Double H Canine Training Academy, and here is footage of his failed test to become a service animal. Ryker was instead adopted by his trainer, Zach James.

More of Ryker's antics follow below.

Dog hits the jackpot with this hilarious coffee bar owner in Portsmouth

"As you are probably aware by now I love to find a hot drink stand whilst out Exploring and this one is definitely Sherpa's favourite so far."


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World's most expensive sheepdog sells for £18k

A border collie from Northumberland has become the world's most expensive sheepdog after being sold to an American ranch owner for £18,900.
Two-and-a-half year-old Megan was sold by shepherdess Emma Gray at an auction in North Yorkshire.
Ms Gray, 33, who farms and trains sheepdogs near Morpeth, has broken her own record set a year ago, when a similar dog sold for almost £15,000.
The average price for a working dog is about £2,000.
Megan will go from herding sheep in the north-east of England to rounding up Wagyu cattle in Oklahoma.

Ms Gray, who has represented England at the World Sheepdog Trials, said she had to double-check the price after the auction in Skipton on Friday.
"I had to ring the auction and just make sure it wasn't a hoax and that I wasn't dreaming," she said.
"Afterwards I went to Marks and Spencer and bought Megan some chicken and let her sleep on my pillow."
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Wolf Dog Who Growls At Everyone Else Snuggles With His Best Friend | The Dodo Soulmates

Yuki is 87% grey wolf and he is very particular about the people he chooses to add to his pack, but when he adds them, they are his best friends for life.

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And he is BIG!!

Muddy Malamute Hides in Plain Sight at Bath Time by Lori Dorn on February 24, 2020

After a day of running around at the beach and jumping into the water, a muddy Malamute named Phil attempted to hide in plain sight when his humans insisted upon a bath. The incredibly strong and stubborn dog became an immovable object as they tried to get him into the tub. Once that task was accomplished however, Phil shut his eyes and whined while just standing in the water. When they broke out the shampoo, Phil stuck his nose into his human’s knee and tried to tolerate it the best he could.
Poor Phil tried to unsuccessfully hide in the first part of this limited bath time series. He was under the illusion of the age old ‘ I can’t see you so you can’t see me ‘ trick. Phil loves to get in every pond/puddle or source of water you can imagine, but when it comes to B A T H time, he hates it. He’s not scared or in pain don’t worry, he just likes to try and make you feel sorry for him! Because he’s so big, he tries to make it hard and leans against you. Tactful dog!

Something Really Amazing Is Happening At This Animal Shelter

PUBLISHED ON 03/09/2016

It might be impossible for any one person to adopt every pet in need of a good home, but these kids are doing the next best thing - by bringing shy shelter dogs out of their shells.
An innovative new idea, called the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, is already making a huge difference for animals at the Humane Society of Missouri.
The idea is simple: train kids to read to dogs as a way of readying them for forever homes, all while instilling a greater sense of empathy in the youngsters, too.

Playful Golden Retriever Gets An Adorable Puppy Friend

The tiny cute puppy was a rescue, and growing up happy with his golden friend. 🤗 These cutest duo going to be best friends forever! 🐶✨

24 Stunning Photos Of Dogs That Are Just Magical

Here are some of the most stunning photos of dogs I’ve ever seen. The “secret” behind these gorgeous shots is that they’re all snapped by the same, very talented photographer, making this collection truly remarkable.
Alicja Zmysłowska has married her love of dogs with her love of photography to create these wonderful portraits. The dogs blend so naturally into the natural settings that their personalities and emotions shine through, giving the images a beautiful, timeless quality. Taken throughout the Polish countryside, Alicja’s photos left me speechless!
These photos are reprinted with permission from Alicja Zmysłowska Photography.

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DOGS: Legends and Myth

Black Dog's of Legend and Myth


Cerberus, the guard dog to the Gate of Hades, Hellhound's, the Black Dog of Bungay, the Cadejo. Black dog's thru millennia and nearly all cultures have been feared and blamed for evil doings upon men. From the Greeks, to old Europe, Britain, to Mexico and South America, to today Black Dog's have always been given a bad rap.* 

The superstition surrounding black dogs can also be found in popular culture. The monstrous dog of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskerville's was recently revived in the popular Sherlock television show. In the Harry Potter series. a large black dog called the Grim, who actually has roots in traditional British folklore, is considered a frightening omen of death. Through these characters, the legend of the terrifying big black dog is alive and well in pop culture.*.
Ernest Hemingway called his bouts of depression, "The black dog." Here he is pictured with his beloved Black Dog. Winston Churchill also referred to his, "black dog," of depression. 

The moral of the story is:  Beware of Black Dog's posing as, well, Black Dog's.


Concerned Dog Refuses To Leave His Dad’s Side After He Gets Hurt In A Fall

When we hurt, our dogs will do anything to comfort us. That was certainly the case after a man who was trimming a tree fell down and his loyal dog rushed to comfort him.

Def Civil B. Blanca
Jesús Hueche was pruning a tree outside his home in Argentina when he tumbled from a height of about six feet, hit his head, and fell unconscious. When paramedics arrived they found his beloved dog, Tony, lying on top of him.

Def Civil B. Blanca
One of the EMTs took some photos of the concerned dog and his owner, which quickly went viral.
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This Pet Dog Risked His Life To Rescue A Human Trapped In The Freezer | Kritter Klub

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Sometimes animals do much better work than hoomans. Here are the three heartwarming stories of adorable and heroic animals who saved their owners' lives..♥ All animals are our friends, family, and lovers who are always with us ..!

Adopted Boy Takes In Senior Dogs Because He 'Knows How It Feels' To Be Unwanted

Gay Family Photo/Via Imgur

Last week, a photo of a little boy saying goodbye to his dog went viral. His mother provided context in a Facebook post: