A Boy And His Underdogs

The ones I didn't rescue

The Orphan Pet

Aug 7, 2020

Sorry for the depressing video, I am having a bad week. And I don't want you to think I am a saint or anything, because I am not.

Bonded Dogs Who Fell In Love At The Vet Are Looking For A Home Together | The Dodo Adopt Me!

Two injured dogs share a kennel at the vet — and fall deeply in love.

Published by The Dodo
5th August 2020

Dog Shows A Perfect Ball Control Skill Like The Best Footballer Lionel Messi

Kritter Klub 

Aug 5, 2020

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Dog rolling a gym ball all day long? Here's the ball-addict dog 'Lena' who can live without food but can't live without the ball XP

Cats And Dogs Adorably Refusing Kisses From Their Humans


We like to think our pets always want our attention. But pets are not always in the mood for their human’s affection. No, sometimes, they just want to be left alone.

In fact, these dogs and cats are clearly communicating “No, you can’t kiss me!” The faster their humans move their lips away from the better. Hilarious!


Golden Retriever Dog's Special Delivery Sevices Make People Smile :)

Kritter Klub 

Aug 3, 2020

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Surprisingly, there's the Golden Retriever Dog 'Ttokssuni' who offers special delivery services in the marketplace! What's special about this delivery dog is that his delivery is so quick & accurate + he makes customers smile :)

Homeless dog used to wandering in dangerous traffic ended up living a safe life

Northeast Animal Rescue, China

Premiered 12 hours ago

Simba was a homeless dog. He was used to wandering in a street with chaotic traffic. This was a dangerous habit even though he looked healthy. We rescued him from the insecure state of life.

Simba is living a safe and happy life now.
 But there are more homeless animals need help.

Lexi Mama Finally Has A Home!

Via Twitter

Lexi Mama, the dog who spent an unbelievable 1,414 days living at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter finally has a furever home. As announced on Twitter:

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about this gorgeous doggie.

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Rescue Puppy Who Keeps Getting Returned Finds Someone Who Understands Him | The Dodo

This rescue puppy from Puerto Rico kept getting returned again and again — until he found someone who wouldn’t give up on him.

Published by The Dodo
31st July 2020

This is the story of how I rescued you

The Orphan Pet

Jul 24, 2020

Romeo is just a year old, and he is still basically a puppy. He is healthy, but the starvation has weakened him, so for now he is not as active as he could be. The stray dogs in Greece are about 3 millions, so we come across many every day, and most are not rescued because it is impossible. I just could not let this one on the streets. I know I am not making a big difference, but my consience would not rest unless I took him off the streets.
He will be rehomed by SCARS: http://www.scars.gr/?lang=en
*** To adopt him email me directly at: support@theorphanpet.com

Some Very Sad News

The Orphan Pet

The government is closing down the dog shelter that she is running voluntarily in Crete, Greece, the mayor accused her of making money (it's all about money, they can't grasp the idea of someone doing anything, unless it's for profit), and the veterinary association is offering her NO HELP. Elizabeth, who I met last month when I was in Crete, took on an abandoned shelter with 200 dogs five years ago, and she is doing an excellent job in rescuing and rehoming the ones that the government lets die on the streets. Now her rescues will be homeless, unless she finds a solution. Please read the article and help if you can:



Real Men Doing Manly Things

  I don't know if this makes me more angry than sad. Someone deciding to shirk their responsibility for the well being of this beautiful mother, at a very vulnerable time in her life. But, thank God there are still some real men in the world to pick up the pieces and help momma  and her tiny miracles. One day I hope to be a hero, just like these guys!

Smallest Pittie Puppy Ever Grows Up To Be Gorgeous| The Dodo Little But Fierce

Tiny runt pittie puppy grows up wrestling with her blind cat sister.

Published by The Dodo
27th July 2020

This Is Why Dogs Are The Most Amazing Creatures

Woof Woof TV

Mar 16, 2020

Dogs are the most amazing beings; they give unconditional love to everything, with no questions asked. They’re loyal, kind and offer endless affection to all beings. We can learn a lot from them ❤️