Giant Great Dane Has Raised Hundreds of Tiny Puppies and Kittens | The Dodo

Shelby is a surrogate mom to all of the orphaned puppies and kittens at Dogwood Animal Rescue Project in Sonoma County, California. Her job isn't only adorable, but it's important too! Watch as she teaches the babies the manners they'll need to transition into their forever homes.

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8th August 2022

This Man's Best Friend Is His Golden Retriever | The Dodo Soulmates

Guy teaches his golden how to choose between two foods, and they taste test their way across America!

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7th August 2022

Pittie Can’t Go A Minute Without His Favorite Plushie | The Dodo Pittie Nation

This pittie puppy hates it when his favorite toy needs to be washed. He's obsessed with it and takes it everywhere with him. He has torn it up so much that he gets a new one, plus a giant version!

Published by The Dodo
3rd August 2022

How To Identify Heat Stroke in Dogs


Whether a dog is left inside a car or left outside, warm temperatures can pose a danger to any dog. Even if a dog has a shady spot and water, if the temperature gets too warm, or the dog gets overheated, he or she can still suffer from heat stroke and die.

That happened to Courtney Rogers when she took her dogs including French Bulldog, Henry, on a walk. The day had been warm, tipping at 30 degrees (86 F) so she waited until evening. She made sure to check to see the pavement was cool enough for them to walk on and brought a doggy water bottle. But despite the precautions, Henry still got in trouble.

French Bulldog. Wikipedia

“We took them on our usual walk in the evening when it had cooled down a bit, along with a bottle of water for them both to drink when they needed it. About halfway through our walk, Henry started panting, like he usually does anyway because of his breed, but it got progressively worse,” she wrote. “After having large drinks from his water, the panting only got worse, to the point were his chest was rattling, and he was plonking himself down in any shade he could find, refusing to move.”

She rushed him to the vet but despite every attempt to save his life, a few hours later Henry was dead, overwhelmed by the heat. She shared her story in the hopes of saving other dogs’ lives.

Warm weather put a strain on a dog’s ability to regulate their internal temperature. As result, dogs can get heat exhaustion quickly, especially if walking or running.

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Watching This Dog Comfort A Boy With A Traumatic Brain Injury Warms The Soul


Caleb was in a terrible car accident and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. The young boy was in intensive care and his parents didn’t know if he was going to live, let alone recover.

They began to see a glimmer of hope when a Golden Retriever named Colonel arrived. The effect Colonel had on Caleb’s recovery will bring tears to your eyes!

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What to Expect When Your Dog Has Cancer


Cancer in dogs affects the whole family. © OlenaKlymenok | iStock / Getty Images Plus

Dog owners have a new community-building resource for diagnosing cancer in dogs and guiding dog cancer treatment decisions.

Watch This K9 Dog Help Her Dad At Work Every Single Day | The Dodo

K9 Raider loves to play with her dad, but she gets serious when she goes to work. Raider is a trained narcotics detection dog, and she helps her dad Phil Ritchey every day in the city of Alpharetta, Georgia. She even has a workplace romance with another K9, Mattis.

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28th July 2022

Can One Dog Change a Young Boy's Life? | Born To Lead Episode 5 | Bondi Vet


Bondi Vet

Premiered Jul 21, 2022 Not all puppies go on to become trained Guide Dogs. There are some who also fill other important roles in society, helping those in need.

Stray Dog Leads Rescuers To Her Friend So She Can Be Saved Too


When the South African rescue group Sidewalk Specials rescued a senior street dog named “Kettle” from Hout Bay Harbour in Cape Town he was in rough shape, but they managed to find him a home. Then they found out Kettle had a sister, and decided they needed to find her and bring her home to their shelter.

Luckily, they found her but the stray dog wouldn’t go with them, despite their gentle coaxing and offer of food. She wanted to show them something instead. They followed after her and, there, behind a car, was a second dog. She was shivering and covered in ticks and in dire need of help too. The female dog did not want to leave her friend behind

So instead of rescuing one dog, they rescued two, even though they were strapped for resources and did not have a home for either. A short time later? Watch how all the Hout Bay Harbour rescues are doing now!

If you are wondering about Bruno, who you see in the second video, he had been abandoned by his owners and left to fend for himself on the street. But he is sure doing better now! I’m so glad Gracie and Hope got to stay together! All three Harbour Dogs (Kettle, Gracie, Hope) and Bruno have found loving homes. You can’t ask for a better happy ending than that!

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How to Remove a Tick from a Dog and Prevent Tick Borne Disease


Can I remove a tick from my dog myself? Yes! We’ll tell you why and how to remove a tick from a dog.

The stray dog that believed in the goodness of people

Ollie was rescued in Greece and was adopted in the Netherlands. Yes, he was a tough one to let go, but there are millions of strays in Greece get the idea. I used to call him by his Greek name, Fotis (Φώτης), and I consider that dog named Fotis to be mine in a way.


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25th July 2022